Photography is my way to document my surroundings and experiences. It began with whatever cheap disposable or 35mm I could con my dad into buying as a kid, and continued with film SLRs in high school, and eventually, digital. 

I grew up splitting my time with two parents, in a town that towed the line of a college town/farming community. I would follow my mom all over the campus library as she worked on her master's degree, and spent the weekends riding along with my dad on chicken deliveries or farm visits. My dad and I would hatch any bird we could in our incubator at home, and raise any pet we came across. The concepts and understanding of animals and nature stuck with me the most, and they still are my favorite things to photograph. 

My inspiration is in my day-to-day life. It ranges from everyday encounters with my eccentric father and his "semi-urban farming," trips into cities, and even simple walks in the woods. 

In a rut, I will relentlessly turn my camera on anyone close to me, shoot rolls of black & white film, or grab my dog for a drive and a hike through the state forests on the outskirts of town. 


• Digital and traditional photography in portrait, event, studio, and commercial settings.

• Corporate identity development including logo, letterhead, business card, package and print design.

• Desktop publishing, digital typography, web and print layout design.

• Graphic design work for Angel and Drupal based online learning systems. Re-working previous graphics, layouts, and creating original material for use in online lessons and textbooks. 

I am currently available for freelance photography and design and can be reached at